The Artist

Matthieu Stein, sculptor Artist

Matthieu Stein has had a passion for drawing, painting and sculpture since childhood.

Since his entry into the profession, his work as a teacher has allowed him to exercise his passion through art classes and transmit it to young students. Students research and imitate artists as different as Kandinsky, Miró, Dubuffet, Britto, or Giacometti, and the art exhibitions follow one another. 

Having always practiced the creation of objects from materials as diverse as wood, clay, and metal, it is finally with the latter that he currently realizes most of his sculptures. 

His influences

(Through the window of my imagination…)

Ask him where his inspiration comes from, and he will answer that he feels affected by exacerbated pareidolia. Where some people can see shapes in a cloud, Matthieu Stein can see them in any everyday object. A tool from the past will not be put away but will have a second life as a hieroglyph in a fresco or an obelisk; a rusty nail will not be thrown away and will end its life as a branch of bonzaï; a motorcycle chain will have a well-deserved rest as a Rodin’s thinker. 

What better way to discover his universe than to see his works?

His artist’s studio

A table and three welding stations (arc, TIG, MIG);
Creation of a statuette with an arc

Birth of an artwork

Begining of three trees
Let’s create a seqoia !
Warning… The heat risks deforming the verticality of the trunk. The operation is delicate.
It’s time to drop the bow to switch to TIG.
How to balance the branches? How to distribute them? There is no model.
And the roots… It’s important. On this sculpture, realism takes precedence.
It takes shape, but the lines are too geometric. The plasma cutter will be of great use.
And There you go. Missing more than paint and varnish.
Ready for the show!
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